1) PREP Something that is beneath another thing is under the other thing.

She could see the muscles of his shoulders beneath his T-shirt...

She found pleasure in sitting beneath the trees...

Four storeys of parking beneath the theatre was not enough.

...the frozen grass crunching beneath his feet.

ADV: n ADV, ADV after v
Beneath is also an adverb.

On a shelf beneath he spotted a photo album. ...aeroplanes roaring above, subways rattling beneath.

2) PREP If you talk about what is beneath the surface of something, you are talking about the aspects of it which are hidden or not obvious.

...emotional strains beneath the surface...

Somewhere deep beneath the surface lay a caring character...

Beneath the festive mood there is an underlying apprehension.

3) PREP If you say that someone or something is beneath you, you feel that they are not good enough for you or not suitable for you.

They decided she was marrying beneath her...

Many find themselves having to take jobs far beneath them.

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